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How to Read English Text

There are several ways of good reading that we may often use without us realizing it.

There are:

Skimming – best used when you know briefly what the text you are reading is without paying too much attention to detail. This reading technique is suitable for use, for example when you are reading news in newspapers or online news portals.

Scanning – used when you want to search for a certain parameter (name, word, place, date, etc.) in a text. For example, when you are shopping on an e-commerce site or reading an address directory.

Reading for detail – used when you want to know in full what is in a text down to the smallest detail. For example, while reading a novel or while studying a recipe.

So, when you want to read something in English, pay attention to the type of reading you are reading and adapt it to the reading technique above to save time and help you understand more clearly.

Title and Sub-heading

Before you read an article, make sure you read the title and sub-heading first. The title of an article is like a road sign – they tell you what's important and where you're reading. From the title of an article, you can outline the contents and can estimate what you will find in it.

First Line in Paragraph

If the article you are reading is quite long, try to quickly read the first line of the paragraph. The first line generally contains the main idea of ​​the following lines so that it can help you understand what the author is trying to convey. This is very useful for example when you are filling out answers during an exam and don't want to read the entire paragraph carefully to save time.

Limit the Words You Look for Through the Dictionary

When we come across a word we don't understand, we are often tempted to look it up in a dictionary. But it is very time consuming and doesn't really help you much in understanding a text. Try to skip some words that you don't know the meaning of but the whole sentence can still be understood. For words that you don't understand and occur frequently, it's a good idea to look up their meaning using a dictionary. You should also only use an English dictionary so that you can practice your English skills better.

Underline Important Words

In each sentence, of course there are two or three words that are important, while the rest are not so important. If you can recognize these key words, you can read and understand a text much faster. It takes practice to get this right, but it's a good habit. These keywords are generally in the form of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Articles, prepositions and so on are generally not very important in the context of the sentence as a whole. In conversation, you can find these keywords more easily based on the intonation the speaker uses. Usually, they will emphasize an important word in a sentence. An example is the following, with the stressed word underlined,

The speaker will put a stress on the most important words.

Practice As Often As Possible

Of course, the fastest way to improve reading and memorizing skills quickly is to practice as often as possible. However, you should practice at a level that suits you right now. At Wall Street English, we design each subject matter to better suit the level of each of our members so that they can gain a better understanding and master the material faster. The method we use prevents you from finding words that are difficult to understand and beyond your ability, thereby reducing your level of frustration in learning.


Batam, 05 Juli 2021

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 Nadya Aprilia, S.Pd

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